This ailment can be controlled with either herbal or chemical supplements and, whilst your vet may give medication such as Pergolide, we tend to use herbal supplements such as Agnus Castus Tincture or Cush-X which have excellent results at half the cost.

Clipping can play a vital role in keeping them cool and from not sweating. If you are clipping you also need to invest in rugs to keep them warm and dry as necessary depending on air temperature.

A careful diet is very important. Low protein is usually vital, although we have a 40 year old pony on extremely high protein but no teeth. He really does go against the grain as in his younger years his laminitis was a terrible problem. We had another Cushing’s pony who suffered from abscesses from wet ground and too much protein. See Chloe below five years on after correct management.

Blood tests are the only way to confirm Cushing’s and, despite many using Cushing’s as the reason for a thick coat, it is usually dental problems that cause thick coats. So do have a blood test if you are suspicious of Cushing’s. It may be a costly test but could save you a lot of money in the long run.

A Cushing’s veteran will have a very weak immune system so supplements like Echinacea are essential in their daily diet.